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  RadioSky HB9MOON
Das letzte Echo von der Antenne Ricken Süd

our group
is sorry to announce, that we were forced to go QRT due to the fact, that the owner of the dish - HB9CKL- Leon Kälin (1927-2012) cancelled the contract he had with us for no reason whatsoever and sold the dish to Daniel Gautschi, HB9CRQ. The dish, actually on loan to HB9CKL from the swiss PTT-Museum, served us a little less than 3 years for our EME activity and as a window into space.




A window into space
We indeed enjoyed to talk to many of you over the moon and to take part in the 'Echo of Apollo 11 event' on 27th June 2009, during which -by courtesy of our communication authority- children were
allowed to take over the mike and send their 'Message for Peace' to other children all over the world.

As our system
could be used fully remote-controlled, some of the members of our group even worked via moon from their own home. And, for those of us who did radio-astronomy, it was simply fascinating to look into space and -as an example- clearly receive the noise emanating from Virgo A in a distance of roughly 50 Million Lightyears!

In our efforts
we were greatly supported by the local authorities of the village of Eschenbach, approximately 25 miles east of Zurich. This is simply unique, considering the fact, that a 10m dish is not always accepted by the non-amateur community. We are sad to say that we had to go QRT, however, we assure you that we shall be back via the moon in not too distant future.

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